Mushroom Salad

A Charcoal Challenge

It’s summer. It’s hot so it means that is time for BBQ’s!

We love BBQ’s in our family. My dad thinks of himself as a BBQ master and so is my husband. I think all men think of themselves as being BBQ masters isn’t it? LOL

Thanks to Moneysupermarket last week we had a proper BBQ feast.For us when we have a BBQ means that is time to spend precious moments with the family. We enjoy spending time with each other and we enjoy the meat and salads prepared.The men(my dad and my hubby) usually sit around the BBQ cooking meat and us the ladies (my mum, my sister, myself and the girls) sit and chat around the table. Drink is very important too. There’s no BBQ food without some beer ever!

Here is what we prepared:

It’s just lovely to spend time outside surounded by the one you love , good food and drink and lots of sunshine. I am starting to enjoy more and more the time i am spending with my family and both my girls love it too. 

Disclaimer: We received 50 pounds to take part in the Charcoal Challenge by MoneySupermarket. If you want to take part you can still do so you can check the information here.

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