Morrisons Christmas Preview

The English weather has always been a strange little oddity. In fact I would dare say that in recent years there have probably been some religious zealots out there screaming the End of Days has arrived. And so with the up and down, hot and cold and bizarre weather we’ve been having in recent months what better way to celebrate than to have Christmas in July. 

So break out the crackers and hang up the decorations, 
and lets sing a song of Christmas cheer 
Join in the chorus, your sure to have fun 
As Morrisons Christmas line up is here 

That’s right my dear gentle folk, its time to check out the line up of Christmas goodies you can expect to see down at your local Morrisons this year. And let me tell you, what a line up it is.

There’s a vast array of smoked meats on hand (an expanded range after the success of last years smoked products) Packets of party food to die for. Cakes and other treats in all Chritmasy shapes and sizes (including a build it your self Ginger Bread House) A multitude of different breads to bring a unique flavour and texture to each mouthful of accompanying food. Forget you bog standard brown or white, time to live a little.
Now what better to accompany your Christmas dinner than a nice bottle of wine. I know it can be confusing to try and pick the right one from shelves stacked to the rafters with bottles but our clever friends at Morrisons have put together a little questionnaire that, once filled out, will guide you to wines of your taste. Using a simple number system to identify the different groups of wine even I could pick up the right one.

Lets not forget that there is also the new Morrisons clothes range to check out and maybe pick up some presents for your nearest and dearest. 

All in all a damn fine range of goods to cover every taste.

My only question is, when I buy it of the shelf and throw it in the oven at home will it taste as good as the food they fed us on the night? I guess we will find out at Christmas. (2 in one year. lucky me)

Till next time….


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