Steak Night with Tefal Optigrill

Being part of the Tefal Innovation Panel means that i get to test and enjoy Tefal latest products.For me a bit of a fanatic when it comes to cooking and gadgets is like heaven on earth really.

I love easy and fast cooking and with the Tefal Optigrill this is what you will get.

With it’s 6 automatic programmes you can cook burgers, chicken,steak, fish or bacon so it can be easier then this don’t you think?

However when it came to decide what to have my hubby choose a medium rare steak which was ready in minutes:

Hubby was really impressed with how fast the steak was done , how succulent and that it didn’t make a lot of smoke in the kitchen.

Believe me every time we grilled on the hob or oven we had problems with the smoking alarm 🙂 and it is not funny at all if you prepare it when your babies are in bed.

Are you impressed yet? 

If not please find below the key features of the Tefal OptiGrill and you will understand quickly how can this marvelous gadget can change your life:


  • Six cooking programs – Burgers, poultry, bacon, sausages, red meat and fish plus a manual option
  • Unique colour changing LED screen on the handle for checking cooking progress
  • Large 600cm2 cooking surface with non-stick coating
  • Power 2000W
  • 7 degree plate inclination for easy fat release
  • Extra large plates and juice tray, dishwasher safe
  • Brushed silver
  • Heavy duty handle


RRP: £129.99 

Tefal brings the first electric grill with a LED screen that makes your cooking very easy. No more checking your steak every couple of minutes to see if its done on your taste. Now you can just set the OptiGrill to warm up , add your choice of meat and then wait for the alarm to ring and tell you that your steak is done.

It couldn’t be simpler – the LED screen will change it’s colours according to how well the steak is done: yellow for rare, orange for medium and red for well done.

I am looking forward to many steak nights from now on espeacially the times when we need to be in a hurry.

However our Tefal Optigrill will not be used only for steak and meat in general. We will definately grill lots of vegetables and even make paninis! YUM!

This will actually go very well with the diet i started…yesterday!

What we like most about the Tefal OptiGrill?

  • All the programmable settings – takes all the guess work out of cooking. 
  • Indicator light gives a simple visual guide to how the meat is doing 
  • Manual setting lets you take control when your doing something out of the norm. 
  • Removable grill plates make it easy to clean (dishwasher friendly too) – Yey!
  • Fast and Easy cooking – have a steak on the table in less than 15 minutes!
What we wished the Tefal OptiGrill could have?
  • Could do with a hot plate on the side for doing eggs, bacon, etc. This would make it an all in one cooking appliance. 


The two pictures above are from the Tefal Innovation Event that took place in London on 9 of July 2012.
Disclosure: I am a Tefal Innovation Pannelist and i received the Tefal OptiGrill for testing and reviewing.


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