There be Kitty in them there hills

I walked into the room and immediately knew that there were eyes upon me. My lungs held breath inside as fear gripped my soul. Slowly I turned and came face to face with the most ferocious beast nature has ever placed upon this earth. Over a meter tall, covered in white fur and with a bow in her hair! Yup, Hello Kitty had come to town. 

Okay so I wasn’t exactly gripped with fear but there was a lot of them, and not just Hello Kitty. I was in a room full of Kitty, Mr. Men and Little Missy. You see thanks to the good folks over at  M&S pretty soon were going to be graced by the biggest mash since the dawn of time. No I’m not talking about the recently announce Batman/Superman movie set to bow in 2015. That pales in comparison to the mighty Hello Kitty loves Little Miss mash up that M&S are bringing to a store near you.

I was invited to view the new Hello Kitty & Little Missy clothing that M&S are going to have in their stores from the end of July.

Amongst them will be wonderful layered t-shirt dress with matching tights, a cable knit cardigan, a knitted dress with matching tights and a couple of tops.

£17 – £19
£17 – £19
£18 – £20
£15 – £17

But there wasn’t just these on show today. There was much more. 
How about some Hello Kitty Jewelry, or for music loving little girls (and maybe some big girls) we have Kitty headphones. 

Or maybe some Kitty makeup or shoes.

Lets not forget the Mr Men.

A great little thing was the Mr. Men travel pillow. This handy pillow starts it’s life as a cuddly toy but, if you undo the zip at the back, out pops a wrap around neck rest. Ideal for those sleepy little people on long journeys. 

Even socks and a Baking Kit:

And much, much more.
In fact there was too much stuff to list here (this is a blog after all not a re-interpretation of War and Peace) If you would like to know more then just head down to your local M&S and check out the Kitty goodies there. 

Till next time……

May the Kitty be with you!

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