How to love ironing with Tefal’s new range of Smart Technology Steam Generators

Ironing is not a thing I like talking about. My grandmother use to teach me how to iron when i was a kid. Well almost a teenager really. She used to be obsessed with ironing really. She just loved having her sheets and pillow cases with no creases.  I remember that she was even ironing underwear. Pfff! You will not see me doing that!  I hated her iron – a very heavy metal one – and by default i was hating ironing.
Years after even after i got married i was still buying sheets, pillow cases and dresses that don’t need ironing. We bought ourselves an iron but when it came to it my hubby would do the ironing. Even for my dresses…i know…lazy woman! Now even he is working in an office so he has lots and lots of ironing to do…I let him do it all until one day when the nice people from Tefal send me their new Steam Generator Pro Express Total AUTO CONTROL. 


Although the name might sound very pretentious this iron the easiest i ever used. And that comes from me – someone that usually hates irons! I’ll tell you what this iron and the technology Tefal used to make it is so good that i could never use a different one. I think i can say that you that you use to take your shirts to a dry cleaner no longer need to do that if you have a Tefal Steam Generator in your house.

The new Tefal Steam Generators feature three types to match the needs of all consumers: easy control , auto control and expert control. I chose for myself and my family the auto control one as although i normally hate ironing i know a few things about the settings of an iron and wanted to still have a bit of control over my ironing. The auto control steam generator has three forward settings – Normal,Delicate and Jeans. This type is offering increased control for the more demanding use.

If you are one that likes it the easy way though and you like to just plug in your iron and then start then the easy one is the one for you. It has one universal setting safe to use on all fabrics, designed for the

simplicity seeker.

The X-Pert one has five precise fabric settings – Synthetics, Silk, Wool, Cotton and Linen – more like the usual irons you are used to. Tefal promises that with this one you can achieve perfection.

However, for me the Auto-control one is more than enough. It is the fastest and most efficient iron i ever used and it can do everything with one touch setting.

Features for all Tefal Smart Technology Smart Steam Generators:

1. Ultra precise micro controller connects to embedded software which monitors both the steam output and soleplate temperature; 2. Optimal combination of steam and temperature is consistently provided at the desired level; 3. Extreme accuracy of steam and temperature regulation is constantly maintained on every setting.

  • Exclusive Anti-Calc Collector for long lasting steam performance
  • Lock System for safe and easy transportation
  • Steam and Electrical Cord Storage
  • Fast 2 minute heat-up
  • Powerful Vertical Steam
  • Continuous Refill
  • Eco Mode
  • Premium quality ceramic or palladium soleplates
  • Auto and X-Pert Control steam generators also feature a removable water tank
    and Auto-Off safety feature. 

What can the Auto Control type can give you?

  • Equipped with the new Auto Control technology featuring three pre-set steaming levels (Normal/Delicate/Jeans) to achieve fantastic ironing results easily
  • One touch setting
  • Very high 6 bar pressure for powerful steam delivery of up to 310g/min
  • New upgraded Anti-Calc Collector means up to twice as much scale removal for even longer lasting steam performance
  • Autoclean Soleplate for ultra long lasting glideability, new and improved with Precision Shaped Tip 

As you can see no matter which type of Steam Generator you choose or what you need to iron it can be done well, quickly and with no struggle.

Things i really really like about my new iron:
- it's blue and white - i love love blue :)
- its comfortable to use because it's handle
- the vertical steam - i can iron vertically obviously;
- the eco mode - feeling better about taking care of the nature
Things i do not love that much:
- although quite easy to store is also quite big so quite hard to find a space away from the girls
- it gives hubby a reason to ask me to do the ironing :)
- the steam wants the girls to stay around me as for them it's fun-will just need to do the ironing when they are not around;
- it will be perfect if as soon as it's plugged in the steam generator will iron by itself :)
I am really curious to see how much i will still enjoy ironing in a month or two. My mum is very pessimistic about the whole thing. She says i will never do it over and over.... I guess she just hopes i will give it to her. 
I will never iron underwear like my grandmother was doing but this iron definitely made me think differently about the whole ironing deal.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel, I have received the Tefal Pro Express Total Auto Control Steam Generator for the purpose of review.


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