My family loves…Tefal Ingenio pans

At the beginning of the month Tefal organised an event for the Tefal Innovation Panel bloggers in which they presented some of their new products.
I already told you about the Tefal OptiGrill  and briefly introduce you to the new Tefal Ingenio Pans.

Like Tefal used us already these pans are stylish, versatile and ingenious. See how proud the Tefal Ingenio team is when it comes to these pans:

Because of the removable handle the pans are very easy transferred from the hob or oven to the dinner table and even to the fridge.
Me and my fellow bloggers were lucky to receive some of these new pans to test and try and tell you too about how good and practical they are.

Of course what we receive is just a “slice” from the entire Tefal Ingenio range but it is enough to give us a taste of how cool these pans are.
The pans have of course all the qualities that Tefal used us with already and that bit extra that makes them perfect.
I love the removable handle that no longer takes space in the fridge. I love that i no longer have to transfer the left overs in a different container. It’s great because next day you can warm them up again – with them still in the pan and plus there is less mess and washing up.

You can also get some very ingenious lids for this pans (which i am planning to get for my self as soon as possible). With them your pan transforms in a container for storage in the fridge. What else could you expect from these fantastic pans?

A bit more about the pans:

  • Optimal storage thanks to the removable handle.
  • Extremely resistant Titanium non-stick coating (utensils safe except knives and whisks)
  • Thermo-Spot lets you know when the pan is ready to use.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe.
  • Induction compatible – which is very important in my book as not many pans out there are and i own an induction hob.
  • Lots of accessories and options to buy: hermetic plastic lids suitable for fridge storage, clear glass lids with foldable knobs for easier storage and even a straining lid that will fit all saucepans in the range, a grill for beautiful grill marked meals, a colander that fits perfectly in the 20cm saucepan and a steamer insert with glass lid which will convert your Ingenio sautepan into a steamer. 
  • The detachable handles are proven to hold up to 10kg in weight for total safety. 
  • The handles feature a 10 year guarantee and, as the creators of non-stick pan technology, the coatings benefit from Tefal’s lifetime guarantee.
  • The ranges are built around the Complete Ingenio Set, which offers you everything you need in the kitchen in one compact box: two saucepans, two frypans, a sautepan, a stirfry, glass and plastic lids, plus two Ingenio handles.

    If i convince you on the quality of these pans why don’t you have a look at the sets you can get on the Tefal website and you can also purchase them by visiting this website.When it comes to quality – and Tefal can hold their head up right about it – the price doesn’t count.

    Disclosure: As specified above i was given these set of pans to try and test and to tell you my lovely readers about them.


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