Our holiday at the romanian seaside

It is is very lovely at the moment in Romania. Warm outside – maybe a bit too warm for some – which makes you want to go to the beach. This is why we decided that, for our first holiday as a family of four to go for a short holiday to the Romanian seaside. Although the water is not as clear as it is in Turkey or Greece the salty water of Black sea is perfect for swimming. This month even the water is really warm and you can even take babies in the water. As you will see from the pictures below this is exactly what we done.

We were really scared to go though as it was the first time we had two kids with us – a 8 month old and a 4 year old. But our fears were in vain as our girls were just great! In moments like this i realise how good our kids are.

We chose to avoid the busy beaches in Mamaia however and we went to a more of a secluded beach where there was no music from clubs or tourist zumzet (a word invented by me so don’t bother looking for it – LOL). The beach we went to is situated between Corbu Lake and Black Sea.

It is beautiful and quiet – perfect for a holiday as a family with kids. You have the option of taking a room in a hotel(the only one around and on the beach) or camp(it is one of the last places where you can still camp on the beach.

We chose to stay at the local hotel – well hotel…it is more like renting a room with a bathroom where you have the same amenities like when you camp – two outside kitchens where you can prepare your own food and a lovely big terrace.

Enough talk now though – here are the snaps(hubby and I – well mostly hubby) that we took last weekend:


With no chairs, bars or shops nearby we still had fun collecting sea shells, playing in the sand and water and building castles.

Looking at these pictures i know that i really need to start losing weight but then because i see how much fun my girls had i don’t care how i look anymore(somehow anyway).

If you never visited Romania and the Black Sea beaches I highly recommend them as you have something good for everybody. Next year we might even try camping! Now that sounds scary!




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