The Gallery: Relax…

Today i am joining in again with The Gallery linky hosted on the Sticky fingers blog. It’s been a while as it happens…maybe because this linky starts in the middle of the week and i seem to get really busy on Wednesdays.
But this week the theme resonates with me a lot – Relax…I don’t really know how to do that…
I am always surrounded by my kids and my family. They are all quite demanding so it’s quite hard to relax.

Before i had my girls relaxing meant that i would get away from everybody and everything , sit on a bench in a park and watch the sky or just people passing by without thinking of anything in particular.

My life after kids is different though…if i walk into a park is to take out my girls for play.
Instead of just sitting on a bench i need to look after my girls and even play with them. Mostly with my eldest of course although my 8 month old is more and more demanding at the moment.
Now even i sit on a bench while my girls are playing nicely there is always something in my mind – “oh i hope that boy will not play too rough”, “what should i make them to eat again? i can’t always give them the same everyday..”, “i hope she will not have an accident again as i couldn’t face walking home with her screaming AGAIN”, and so on and on and on…

These days however i relax mostly after my girls are going to bed for a nap or for the night sleep. Then i know that is just me and if i want i can just…blog or facebook with my friends or even read a book on my iPad. Unfortunately i can no longer read paper books – they annoy me…maybe because i read too many for my girls…

How do you relax?

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