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As you can tell by my pen name on this blog, I like my camera. In fact, I love my camera. And there is nothing I like more than learning new tricks with my camera.

So it was with this in mind that I found my self on the South Bank one sunny evening after work, with camera bag over my shoulder, looking for a guy called Paul.

You see I had recently been given a voucher for an evening of photography tuition from Paul Hames. If you check out his website you will see that he is quite a gifted photographer.

Our intrepid guide, Paul.

We met in the South Bank centre at 6pm. Grabbing a pint on the way we quickly found ourselves a table and gathered round. There were around 10 of us in total, a nice size group allowing for plenty of photo comparing and jolly banter through out the evening.

Using a set of cards laid out on the table he set about explaining Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and how changing one will have an effect on the other two. The cards seemed to make it easier for the group to understand though I cant say for sure as I already had a full understanding of them. Having attended a full photography college course a couple of years ago. But judging by the reactions of the others they seemed to do the trick.

Once we had covered the holy trinity of the camera we headed outside to take some snaps.

My only handicap of the evening was the fact that I had an 85mm prime lens and a 70- 300 zoom lens but nothing else. This meant that I couldn’t get any really wide shots all evening. Must get another lens (just don’t let the wife know)

But we did manage to cover quite a few things throughout the course of the evening and got to take quite a few pictures.

Although I knew most of what Paul was showing us that night I did learn a few things about the deeper workings of my camera and a few tricks on how to get the right picture settings without taking your eye away from the eye piece. This alone made the evening worth while.

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Till next time…….

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