Why would you buy an Ice Watch?

When i was a teenager i had a thing about watches. Back then we didn’t have mobile phones so cool teenagers had cool watches.

My dad bought me several but i also break, lost several.

After a while even i developed an allergy to the metal that was in the bracelets so could no longer wear them anymore. I was heartbroken but no matter what watch i was wearing my skin was getting really red from it. Yes you know it! So no more watches for me!

I tried to find  a watch with a bracelet made of plastic instead of metal but again i was living in a post revolution Romania and the options we had were very limited.

Most watches back then were very men like and really ugly to be honest.

I think the last time i owned a watch i was 21 years old.

Since then i always owned a phone and checked the time by checking by phone. I know a bit boring isn’t it?

Fast forward to 2013 though there is a great option out there – normal watches with metal bracelet, gold watches, plastic watches, colour assorted watches, watches attached to necklace and rings…you name it anything you want you can find it out there.

Now because i am a mum of two children i find it harder to always have my phone in hand to check the time. And believe me i am one that always needs to know what time it is – meal times, sleep time and snack times they all need to be kept in check.

In my searches i found a brand of watches called “Ice Watch” – these are cool watches i tell you.

Even celebrities love this brand! And i understand why.

The watch that Katy Perry wears in Part of Me video is to die for!

Katie Perry in Part of Me video
Cathy Guetta models the F**k Me I’m Famous collection

The Ice Watches are versatile, good quality and in all the imaginable colours so it will be hard not to find the one you like.

It is perfect for you, for a friend and even for your daughter.

Price between  £66.50 to £261.25 – the Belgian brand is producing chunky, funky timepieces. I love the fact that they are big and colourful in like any colour possible out there! Wouldn’t be great if we could have one for every one of our outfits?

But as it is impossible as i am not a millionaire i am hoping my hubby will get me at least one for my birthday or for Christmas! Hint hint Adrian Stocks! Here are my favourites:


Black because if Katy Perry can have one i can too. Plus it looks good with anything.
Because i love the white combination with red – i have a thing for red and hubby can tell you that 🙂
A pink one because my 4 year old will say i am a cool mum.

So what do you think? I am in for a present like this soon?

I do wonder which one hubby likes…

How about you? Would you buy one of these watches?

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