9 months full of play, joy and love

 My little Baby A the one that i got so worried about after i just gave her birth is growing up fast and thriving. She is a happy baby. She smiles at everybody and always wants to play.

She mostly loves playing with her 4 year old sister. When Kara plays with her she laughs soundly.

And when she laughs i feel like the happiest person alive.

I love her!

And i love her sister!

Seeing my baby girls playing with each other and laughing with other is the best thing ever. It makes my heart melt, it makes me warm inside, it makes me happy and makes me feel the true love.

Happy is not a big enough word to define how i feel when i see my girls.

Kara tells her sister she loves her and that she is the cutest baby ever.

What more could i want?

The way they are with each other is the way i always wanted them to be. It is something that me and my sister never had because we grow up separated and different grandmothers raised us.

We love each other lots now but the connection would’ve been stronger if it was to grow up together i am sure.

This is why i always wanted my girls to always be together when they grow up. This is why i am at home with them right now and i would not exchange this for anything else in the whole world.

I took the pictures above today. How can you not smile and be happy when you see their little faces?

Mummy loves them both more than i can explain in words and i wish you both to be healthy and happy!

Now i apologise for my video skills they are not very good. I’m using my phone and it is not the best tool for taking videos.


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