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When you have kids you start to realise that all those shops that sale labels and tags are actually very useful. Especially when your kids start nursery or school that is. These days it is required to have labels on all the items and clothes you send your kids to nursery or school with.

For example last year my daughter and one of her friends from nursery had the same pair of shoes and the same Cath Kingston back pack. If i wasn’t inspired enough to add labels to both then my daughter would’ve come home with her friends shoes. And believe me her friend shoes were not as good looking as hers. Same thing can be said about the the bag.

So if you are on the look out for labels and tags for your kids then i can recommend you…

Stuck On You is an online company that deals in making your kids’ items their own.  They continue to make labels, but they’re much nicer than the plain white with black type I had as a child, and there are special labels for everything, not just clothes.  But they offer so much more than this.  From bags to clothes to puzzles to water bottles to invitations to towels to pillows and more.  You can get ANYTHING personalised.

My girls were very lucky to received some presents from this lovely company.

Anastasia got a very colourful puzzle with numbers and Kara a personalised height chart.

Kara was the one that chose the colours for the puzzle and the design for the chart.

Her little sister loves the puzzle and she plays with it lots! Kara likes it too and she is learning her numbers better because of it.

Wooden Number Puzzle – It can be bought in two different shades of colours – for boys and for girls for £12.99. As you can see from the picture above we choose the girly option of course. We do have two little girls so it is normal to by pink and purple.

Watch her play…

Wooden Puzzle - Stuck on YOU

Height Charts – lots of designs that can be personalised by you and your kids even. Horses , fairies, astronauts, flowers etc. you have everything you need basically.

Of course Kara being the girlie girl she is she choose the Fairy Design. I was able to add her full name and her date of birth. Plus you receive stickers like “1st Birthday” and “1st Christmas”. Kara absolutely loves her pinky and fairy height chart! We put it in her room and every single person that comes to visit us needs to go to her room to see it! she is very persuasive.

The quality of both products is amazing and i trust Anastasia although she is only 9 months old  to put the puzzles in her mouth and chew.

Next i want to get some more labels for Kara’s new clothes and shoes for nursery school as obviously she is now starting a new one.

Plus i put my eyes on some pencils and the tools for school pack that can be personalised too:


Do you buy labels for your children clothes and stationary items? And which items do you think will be suitable for you and your kids?
Disclaimer: I was given the products free of charge for the purpose of this post. No payment was received and all views and opinions are my own.

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