Development and video time with Baby A

Lots happened in the last couple of weeks with Anastasia. She turned 9 months on the 2nd of September and since then her development went sky high.
She started to sit on her knees a lot better, she started to crawl a lot better – there are moments when i have to almost run to get to her, she laughs so soundly and she really knows what play is.
Many times even she initiate the play with her sister and me. She even plays very nicely by herself these days. I put her a plastic box full of toys only for her in our living room and she spends lots of time taking the toys out and playing.
But the toys in the box are not enough…she follows me in the bathroom – i can’t even use the toilet without her.
When I take clothes out to dry she comes at the door and just pushes the mosquito door with just one hand. How can she be so powerful?
She follows her sister in her room to go and play with her and her toys.
Kara loves her sister lots and she plays with her nicely as long as they are not in her bedroom. It is a different story if Anastasia goes in her room to mess with her toys…Yes you guessed it she doesn’t like it at all.
And i don’t like her being there because Kara has so many little toys than Anastasia could very well swallow.
Yesterday however her playfulness however got new levels. I wonder what her daddy will say when he will watch this video.
Watch the below and see what she is up to:
She is really having fun isn’t she?
Another big development is the fact that yesterday Anastasia got up all by herself while she was holding her hands on the couch.
Below you can see her doing it although i didn’t catch her from the beginning so you can’t see her getting up unfortunately:
Later after she dropped on her bum she tried to do it again but unfortunately she failed.
Never mind i am sure she will do it again and again very soon.
Kara told me she is really proud of her sister and that she can’t wait until she can properly play with her!
So cute!
I am looking forward to the next thing but just want her to slow down as well.
I really don’t want them to grow up anymore as otherwise mummy will have to convince daddy to have another baby!

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