Prepare your house for the cold season

The days of summer are gone right now… No more trips to the beach or walks to the park without the fear of rain. From now on the weather will be colder and the days with rain will be something normal.
I wish i enjoyed my summer more than i did but with a foot in cast was somehow difficult.
So it is time to prepare for cold days and times when we are going to start using our central heating.
But how can we can keep our home warm at all times while saving our pennies as well?
Isolation – If you didn’t do it yet you should make sure you isolate your home inside and out if possible. Isolate your walls with polystyrene and your loft with fiberglass. They are both keeping the temperature  of the house to a constant.
Double glazing doors and/or heavy curtains – Up to 40% of the heat escaping your home in winter is because of the big windows and doors without double glazing and/or uncovered windows. Try and replace your summer curtains with heavy, lined curtains that extend below the window frame. These will help insulate the window and most important keep the warmth in.
Temperature control – Do not overheat your room. A temperature of 20-22 degrees will be comfortable in addition to keeping your electricity use down.
Safety – Make sure everything is function properly – central heating, smoke alarm, outside lights , broken windows and any outside and inside electricity wires are isolated properly. You don’t want to be snowed without heating do you? I’ll give you a tip. If you have electricity from British Gas for example you can get yourself covered from only 3£/month. I couldn’t believe that you can actually cover all your home electrics. Plus if you have gas with them too then you need to know that most of their packages include an annual boiler service. 
Go Shopping – Buy apropiate winter clothing. You might say yes of course. My mum and dad always wear inside shoes and slippers and a wool vest. They say that the cold comes from the feet so instead of putting the heating up why not put another layer on?
Batteries, torches, matches, candles – It is good to have them around the house in case of blackouts. 
Pipes – Examine for cracks and make sure to replace them.
Chimney – If you have one then you need to make sure it is clean before you start using it again.
How do you prepare your home for the summer? What special things you do to make sure your house is warm for you family?
Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with British Gas.
How to prepare your house for the cold season

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