Ruby and Ginger – The Original Nappy Purse (Review)

Have you ever wondered what to do if you need to go for a walk but you don’t want to take the whole changing bag with you for nappies and wet wipes?

Well it happened to me many times.

Luckily though two lovely ladies – Liz Rhodes and Brenda Farnhill  had the idea to invent the Nappy Purse!

You can hold it in your hand, attach it to the pushchair just like in the image or even in the pushchair basket. Like this the nappies are safe and away from the dirt that sometimes can be in the pushchair baskets – especially the open ones.

This little purse can hold up to 3 disposable nappies and comes with a refillable wipes case and a matching foldaway travel change mat. It even has an internal pocket for nappy sacks or a small tube of cream.

The Nappy Purse comes in three stylish colours:
Ruby and Ginger – Wallpaper

As you can see from my pictures i choose to review the Berries colour which i love because i feel that is more of a girly colour.Now i’ve been using this purse for 3 months or so now as i really wanted to give it a proper drive test.
I used it for short walks to the park, as an insert in the big changing bag while going away from home for longer periods of time to play centres, friends and to the seaside.I’ve been moving the purse from one place to the other several times. My daughters even play with it in the sand while it was empty and the material is still strong and with no holes.
I really thought that it will not resist in time because the nappy purse is made out of 100% cotton. Despite that the material is both water and dirt resistant.The change mat is amazingly soft and a bless to use anywhere you are – restaurants without a proper changing mat, the plane cubicle which is just plastic as you know. Backed by a soft towelling the changing mat transforms any place in a good changing place for your baby.

Priced at £20 it can be bought straight from the Ruby and Ginger website and they get delivered even abroad.

Things we really loved about the Nappy Purse:
  • Easy to use and small enough to carry in your hand  or put it anywhere you need – the pushchair basket, the big changing bag, a normal purse, husband camera bag, car door compartment etc.
  • Although small the things you need – nappies and wet wipes will always fit in
  • The soft changing mat keeps your baby warm while changing the nappy no matter where you are.
Things we didn’t really love about the Nappy Purse:
  • It will be lovely if the inside of the bag will be lined with some water resistant material.
  • The refillable wipes case could be a bit more sturdier and from a different material as it is already very hard to open at the moment.

Overall however i recommend this Nappy Purse to mums and dads out there. It is just perfect for your everyday needs and not only.

Disclaimer: This Nappy Purse was sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes, however all views and opinions are my own

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