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You have probably already heard and read about StorkUp. Many of the mums I know in real life and online already use it.

But in case you haven’t, please read on and i will tell you everything you need to know.

First of all, StorkUp can make your life easier.

Why? you may ask…

Well, with so many shops on the high street, online mums and dads can get lost and confused. Plus if you are a busy mum like me you may prefer to do all your shopping online but expect quality as well.

In 2011 two mums like me and you, Fiona and Claire, started a new and exciting “shopping platform” and since then they have been making mums happier by offering them a fun and stress-free shopping experience.

What exactly can you do with StorkUp?

  • You can browse products added and recommended by other mums:

  • You can add the products you like and/or wish to buy from the websites you love by adding them manually or by adding the StorkUp button to your Bookmark menu:

  • You can create your own lists and follow other people’s lists:

  • You can buy by being redirected straight from StorkUp to the website where your most wanted product is being sold. For example if you would like to buy a rocking lamb you simply do the following:
– Search for it by entering the word “lamb” into the search box;
– Browse the search results to find the product you are looking for:

– If you want to buy the product then you can just click “Buy” and you are redirected to the website that sells it:

Couldn’t be any simpler than that, don’t you think?

I have already started lists for Christmas for both my girls and Kara has even started her own wishing list. Kara’s wishing list is quite long, I must say! Mummy and Daddy need a lot more money to buy all the things she wants. There are lots and lots of products to choose from so of course she was saying every minute: ”I want this” before pressing “Save to list”.
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When I told her that Mummy and Daddy might not have enough money to buy everything for her she bluntly said:
“We can send the list to Santa…Mummy?”

Of course I was lost for words.

On StorkUp you can even ask other mums questions about products – a little bit like a chat.

What do you think? Did I convince you? Will you be using StorkUp too?
Or are you using it already?
If you do and if you will it would be great if you could give us some feedback in the comments below or on the StorkUp blog and other social platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Disclosure: This post is advertorial and was written by me in collaboration with StorkUp.

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