Baby Anastasia – 10 months old

Anastasia is 10 months old today and one thing is clear – she is almost not a baby anymore. Her personality started to bloom and i now know for sure that like her sister she will become a lovely little child stubborn but beautiful.

She still has blue eyes and i hope that they will remain blue. Her sisters are greener like her daddy’s and although they are still beautiful it will be great if at least Anastasia will keep the blue.

Every day my two girls are playing nicer and nicer together. It’s so nice to see.
It is one of the things my sister and i never had unfortunately as we grow up in different houses with different grandmothers and meet each other only at the weekend…And.. as you can imagine fighting was happening every time…

Anastasia is more interested in her toys and she could spent an hour moving around the carpet playing with her toys….dancing on the music that mummy is listening…

It’s just wonderful to see her developing in front of my eyes. With Kara i didn’t have this opportunity and i am making the best i can right now.

Her walking is really coming along too although i know it will still take a while until she will truly let go but i also think that she might walk a bit faster than her sister.

She is definitely a good good baby although she has her moments when she doesn’t sleep through the night because a tooth is about to come out or when she just wants to be held but mummy loves her  lots and lots and she doesn’t mind doing all that.

But of course like any other baby or child she is up to no good sometimes..Watch her play with a bag of spaghetti…

I wonder what the next couple of months will bring us. As i am writing this( and believe me it took me a while to do it as it does when you have a 10 month old) she is just finishing eating a tomato on the floor and oh my the mess…

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