What are you up to this Halloween?

When i was a child i didn’t know what Halloween was and of course because of that i didn’t celebrate it either.
I first heard about Halloween just after the Romanian revolution when lots of TV channels started to appear out of the blue and of course the movies came around as well.
The first ever movie about Halloween was the movie “Halloween” of course with Jamie Lee Curtis. I am sure that probably everybody in the western world already watched it but if you didn’t have the chance then i am highly  recommend it.
In England, Halloween is celebrated everywhere and kids look forward to it as it means they are allowed to eat lots and lots of CANDY!
Kids hear about it first at nursery and cartoons i guess. I remember that we didn’t introduce Halloween to Kara. It was the nursery that did it through the celebrations that they had at nursery.
Another reason why the kids love it is because they love dressing up and decorate the pumpkin.
My husband is an addict for everything scary and of course for Halloween so when it comes to it he is the one playing with the girls. 
Every year he goes out and buys the girls costumes. Kara favourite one is the witch and unfortunately we didn’t find one last year so she had to be something else.
My duty for Halloween is to make the pie. I remember that the first year my pie was a total disaster. 
But with time i became more experienced and this year i will try my hand with a cupcake pumpkin recipe. My daughter enjoys eating pies but she mostly loves cupcakes and she gave me the idea. 
She made me promise that i will make cupcakes for all her class at nursery so i need practice as i don’t want a disaster on Halloween. 
Well it will be a combination between a pie and a cupcake.
Here is how they ended up:
I know they are not perfect and they need a bit more attention and maybe to adjust the quantities of flour and pumpkin puree. 
My eldest daughter and hubby loved them though and if you would like to find the recipe you will need to comeback tomorrow.
I always wondered how many pumpkins are picked and used for Halloween every year around the globe but probably that will be quite hard to check.
For UK, Haven holidays put together a very cool infographic so if you wonder how many pumpkins are sold in the UK every year why not check it below:
I just can’t believe that somebody was able to make such a big pie – 916.25 Kg is absolutely massive!
If you are planning to make a pie as well you can either use the ingredients above or maybe try my cupcake pumpkin recipe?
Anything you choose to make i am sure your little ones will love you more for making their Halloween special.
I just love the smell of baked pumpkin in the oven!
What are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year? Are you going away with your family this October half term? 
We usually celebrate all the important holidays at home with the family –  Christmas , Easter and birthdays – but it comes a time when the kids prefer to be somewhere where can they can explore and meet other kids as well.
Thankfully in UK we are spoiled with a lot of choices.

One of the best alternatives is to go on a caravan kind of holiday. That way you can have the best of both – quality family time and beautiful natural surroundings. Nothing is nicer.

One of the companies that offers this kind of experience is Haven and although the summer holidays are gone you can still take your kids away to visit one of their parks this October half term. 
I am sure your kids will enjoy it especially if they love Halloween. 
By taking your family away you can make sure that everybody has fun and you get to relax too.
Disclosure: This post is advertorial and was written in collaboration with Haven Holidays.

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