Bath time with Matey!

Matey Bath BookChildren love baths, when they’re young anyway. Teenagers can be a different matter but that’s a conversation for another time. For now lets talk about small children. Little ones love splashing around in the bath, playing with bath toys and soaking mum and dad in the process. Lets face it, if our children get us wet while bathing them it just adds to the fun for parents and child.
When I bath Boogie we can end up having more water around the bath than in it and even though I will spend 30 minutes cleaning up afterward it is always worth it.
One of the best things about bath times (for wives as well as children) is bubbles. Yes that great invention, bubble bath. Boog loves to play in a mound of bubbles, and what better bubbles than Matey bubbles.
Matey Bath Book
Matey bubbles have been a market leader in bubble bath for many years now and they have just released a limited edition bath time book to add even more fun to your child’s bath time.
Written by, mum of two, Emma Greaves, the book tells a small storey of an adventure starring the three matey characters Max Matey, Molly Matey and Peg Leg. The story is written in verse to make it even more fun to enjoy.
So why not give your child a little more fun at bath time and seek out the Limited Edition Matey bath time book.

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