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Before I became a mother I knew very little about how to care about children. God knows I am still learning how to parent.

Parenting it’s something you learn with time. There are no set rules because every child is different so what might work for one might make the other really upset. I have two girls but while babies for example I looked after them in a different way.

When I became pregnant the first time the advices from the people I knew all my life and from people I didn’t know too started to pour over me.

Some of the things i was told were very good advice but some were just what we call today – parenting myths. 

Here are some of the things that stuck into my head and that i will probably remember always:

  • Parenting comes naturally – This one is difficult. Some things are coming naturally like the love you have from your newborn. I instantly fell in love with my girls. But breastfeeding for example was hard work the first time and it was even harder the second time when i even developed mastitis.  One thing i need to say is that that i am learning from my mistakes every single day and that NO parenting doesn’t come naturally. Congratulate yourself when things are  going well and accept that things might not be the same next time. Oh and try not to be too hard on yourself. Parenting has its ups and downs and that is totally normal. 
  • You will spoil your baby if you pick her up every time she cries – When i had Kara i was actually trying to not pick her up every single time but soon enough i understood that i was so wrong.  A baby needs to be cared for when she cries. Leaving her to cry can hurt rather than make her better. If your baby calms down when you pick her up then you need to pick her up every single time. Your baby needs to gain the confidence that you will respond to her needs and believe me with time your baby will cry less and less.  With Anastasia i spend lots of time just holding her for hours and hours. I used to fall asleep holding her and i know that in some people books that is a NO-NO but this is where she was feeling safe.    
  • Children will sleep when they are tired – I see so many parents these days that put their babies to sleep when they go to sleep – 10 or 11 at night is not a good hour to put your child to sleep. Babies and kids need their sleep. If you let your baby or child stay awake as long as they want or as long as you need they will become OVER-tired. This is why you need to make sure that from a young age you get them used with a sleep routine. Now my almost 5 year daughter goes to sleep when she needs to but it was hard work to get her in this routine. My husband and i spent night after night settling her into the routine – dinner,bath,story time and then sleep. Now she knows what to expect and when. The hard part at the moment is with my 11 month old that still needs to be taught how to sleep by herself. She knows the routine but she still breastfeeds and falls asleep feeding.

But enough with the boring bit about parenting.  CANparent a new Government initiative is aiming to provide high quality parenting classes to parents like you and me.  This initiative is still being trailed but you can watch their video with lots of funny myths about parenting.

I with the government had this initiative before I got pregnant the first time. I think I could’ve avoided lots of sleepless nights because of worry if I was going to some parenting classes.  For more expert parenting advice visit and “like” the CANparent Facebook page, you can also check any upcoming classes and maybe even chat with other parents.


I believe that when it comes to parenting every little advice good or bad helps in transforming you in a better parent.

What is your favourite Parenting Myth? Is it a funny one or one that you actually relied on in the end?

Disclosure: This is a featured post and i was compensated for sharing it with you.

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