Give the Gift of Life this Christmas

      Christmas is a time of year we tend to feel very lucky. We are surrounded by family and friends, we share food, exchange gifts and feel loved.

You can spread that feeling to those who are nowhere near you, to children who will not experience presents from Santa Claus, or a delicious Christmas feast.

But you can still make their Christmas special by becoming a child sponsor.

Charities such as Plan UK have been changing children’s lives one step at a time by setting up child sponsorship that allows for a one-on-one relationship with a sponsor, while using the sponsorship money to provide community resources that help constitute long-term change in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Child sponsorship works by releasing people from poverty by helping them discover and maintain sustainability. This does not mean giving the money directly to the child or to their family, as this does not ensure that the money will be put to good use, and it does not help release the child from the cycle of poverty.

Instead, the money is used to provide necessities such as clean water, health care, agricultural tools and education. However, perhaps most importantly of all, sponsorship money is used to teach the community how to take ownership of these projects in order to support the long-term needs of their children, and to help them break the cycle.

With sponsorship, charities can focus on how best to help each child depending on that community’s needs. Your sponsored child as well as his or her entire community will benefit from renovated wells, improved nutrition, school feels and supplies and teacher training, helping the child you have sponsored to build a better and brighter future for themselves.

Some sponsorship goes towards the costs of keeping records on sponsored children and translating and forwarding letters. However, a child can be sponsored for less than 50 pence a day and at least 80 pence per pound goes towards development work for that child’s community.
Being a child sponsor allows you to create a unique connection with that child as you will be their only sponsor. You can choose whether to sponsor a girl or boy and you will be able to track how their lives change for the better as a result of your sponsorship through the notes, letters and photographs you will receive. As well as this, your letters to your sponsored child will help to improve that child’s literacy skills, thus benefitting them even further.

Give the gift of life this Christmas and sponsor a child who desperately needs your help and support today and help make this a better Christmas for children everywhere.

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