Keep coughs and colds at bay

Cold weather = coughs and colds. I hate being ill and when a cold hits me is the worse! Because i had to take the tonsils out when i was 5 years old when i get a cold is bad – the cough is always persistent and loud and while awake have to drink tea continuously as otherwise i keep on coughing.Have to say that this time around i am the last one that got ill in my house. Both girls had little colds that i treated at the first sign as it is better than let the cold evolve to the worse – chills and fever. I hate seeing my girls suffer and fever can be really dangerous.

I usually take the home made and homeopathic route before i start using medicine like nurofen and paracetamol. So first i treat my girls with warm vinegar massage and warm bath in which  added a bit of salt. To the eldest i can even give a combination of honey, lemon and propolis. It always helps with coughing and sore throat.  For my 11 month old i use camomile – tea and homeopathic pills.

Besides helping with the cold the camomile helps to a better sleep which is primordial in helping pass the cold faster.

Alphega Pharmacy created a very good info graphic that tells us everything we need to know about coughs and colds:

Very good tips don’t you think?  What you have got remember is that the prevention is better than treating a cold. Be good and well and i hope the cold stays away.

Disclaimer: This is featured post in association with Alphega Pharmacy

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