Listography – My top 5 Life Lessons

The Listography is back! YEY! I didn’t join in as many times as i wanted too because i didn’t have as many things to say as the others but always enjoyed reading Kate’s posts and the other entries.

On Sunday however Kate wrote a new Listography post and this time around the topic is life lessons – Top 5 life lessons. A difficult and serious one but if it will be to write it for my girls to read it in the years to come the life lessons will be:

  1. Smile, laugh and fall in love – This is something i learnt from my husband. If you start your day with a smile then your whole day can turn out to be better than expected. Even if you know that a day will be full of challenges and that you might be prone to get upset later look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Why not laugh if you can…soundly? Try to make your day better by starting it with a smile. Some days i find it very hard but some days are way easy.       Falling in love is beautiful. And you do enjoy every single minute. I fall in love with my hubby a bit more every single day.
  2. Kindness is not rewarded – Unfortunately this is very true. People have become more jealous and angry and being kind to the person next to you is not always seen as a good thing. But i am coming and tell you to BE KIND – to your sister and family, to your friends, to your neighbours, to your colleagues in school and in your future jobs. They might not be with you but out of the two of you, you are the better person and who knows if the person will see your kindness she might change too.
  3. You can never truly know someone – When i was in university i learn from my psychology teacher that – You can never know how a person will react to a situation or event in their life. Over the years that was prove right although my professor said that in a session about criminals. When you think you know everything about a person in your life something will happen that will prove you wrong. Sometimes it can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing and it can tear your away from that person for life. So be aware and never challenge your closest friends or boyfriend if you think that will make them change dramatically.
  4. People are judgemental – and there is nothing you can do about it. You will either be too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too quiet,too loud,wearing too much make up or not enough etc. Thing is people that don’t know you and the ones that know you will judge you so be prepared to face them. 
  5. A good friend can be worth more or stand by you than any family – I left home when i was 18 to go to a city 200 km away to study Law. My parents and my sister were back in my hometown so all i had to help and support me was my friends. I also had extended family – aunt, uncle and cousins – in the same town with me but they proved to be just strangers when i need it the most. My long life friends that i met while i was in high school helped me through thick and thin and to them i turn when i was in need and was always helped – when i need it a shoulder to cry on, a hug or a maybe some extra money to meet the days end. Later on in life when i met my husband i moved to UK and friends were closer to us then family again.
    These are my life lessons that i thought to right now but i am sure that if i think a little more i will find more things i would want my girls to know.
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