Christmas Cards Craft

Snowman and Christmas Tree Cards

As my new status is a stay at home mum i promised myself and my eldest daughter Kara that i will do more crafting with her. She loves it a lot and misses the crafting she was doing whileshe was at nursery.

While browsing the Pinterest I found lots and lots of Christmas cards crafts so decided that this year we should make our own. We only made three but we love them.


  • coloured cards: blue, red,orange,green,white;
  • glue;
  • glitter glue;
  • scissorrs;
  • feathers;
  • 2 goggly eyes
  • glittery stars, flowers,leaf
  • coloured foam

Fold an A4 coloured card in two and use one side for the crafting. Cut three circles from the white card to make the snowman and two triangles in the shape of a tree(like in the picture) for the Christmas tree cards.

Snowman Card

Stick the circles with glue in the shape of a snowman. Add the goggly eyes, the feather, black foam cut in circle shape for buttons, orange foam for nose and mouth and for a had a green triangle made of green card.

Christmas Tree Card

Stick with glue the green cards for the tree. If you wish,well Kara wanted to make them glittery, add glittery glue on all the surface of the tree. Stick decorations: glittery flowers, leafs and stars. On the top of the tree add a foam circle.

Ta-Da! Phew! Please be understanding with me as i really don’t know how to write about crafting. Kara loved crafting them and hopefully soon we will make some more as at the moment we only have three.

Christmas Cards Craft: Snowman and Christmas Tree

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