Tesco Finest Chocolate for a sweet Christmas

Christmas is only 6 weeks away. 
So you have to start preparing for it don’t you think?
Our stores and supermarkets are already filled with everything that is needed for Christmas – decorations for the tree and the house, house gifts made special for Christmas and so much more.
Talking about Christmas and present i am starting to get really excited.
I am looking forward to see the excitement on the girls little faces when they are going to receive the presents from Santa.
I am also looking forward to spend time with the family – just the four of us and to see what present my hubby has for me.
One present i am always happy with is chocolate
I like eating chocolate when is Christmas. 
It usually happens after the girls are in bed and me and hubby are snuggling and watch a Christmassy movie. It is perfect and quite romantic i must say.
The new Tesco Christmas chocolate range is diversified and includes affordable luxury gifts for everyone in the family. Prices are starting from as little as £4 and only going up to £20.
The whole range of chocolates is made with high-quality ingredients by the same chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods!
Only the smell of the chocolate tells me that this is truly high quality chocolate.
The star – shaped chocolate you can see below smells amazing and is made out of milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate and ginger biscuit crumbs. 
A perfect chrismassy combination:
Chocolate tesco christmas

Tesco also sent us this Chokablok Christmas Pudding – every mouthful of this beautiful Christmas tree promises to be full of the Christmas pudding flavour milk chocolate with sparkling golden flakes and sweet raisins with a giant swirl of thick dark chocolate. Hubby says he definitely prefers this instead of the very heavy Christmas pudding.

Tesco Chocolate Christmas Tree Chokablok
But the Christmas range has many other luxury chocolates you can choose from. 
I really like the look of the Tesco Retro Radio-Dairy Toffee. I like the look of the box and the sound of the chocolate that is inside it:
I am going to send my husband to get me one of this i think. 
So what do you think?
Are you going to get your Chocolate gifts from Tesco this Christmas?
Disclaimer: We were sent the Tesco chocolate for the purpose of this review but no cash payment was received. 

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