What I “forgot”

One of my fellow bloggers – a good friend in real life that i actually miss meeting for a chat and a meal wrote a post called – What MrsB forgot. Her post inspired me to write my own post.

Me in 2004

She also was inspired to write the post because she is reading a book called “What Alice forgot” – a girl called Alice has slipped and and hit her head in her step-aerobics class and everyone’s telling her she’s misplaced the last ten years of her life.

I am not as old as her in reality but i thought it can be good therapy to write about it.


So here it goes…If i wake up tomorrow and thought it was 20th of November 2003 i would be really surprise…

  • that i fell in love with an English guy and married him in less than two years;
  • that i no longer work in Human Resources – i wanted a career in HR and got my first job in HR in 2003;
  • that i ever left Romania and lived in London for almost 7 years;
  • that i never got to be a manager and i am now 33 years old – the plan was to do that by the time i was 25;
  • that i no longer keep in touch with most of my university colleagues when we were so close;
  • that i no longer live in Bucharest;
  • that i have two girls – i always wanted to have a boy and a girl and thought they will be after a twin pregnancy;
  • that they are blond and have lighter eyes – green and blue;
  • that i suffer of postnatal depression;
  • that i moved back home and i live next to my mum and dad house for a while;
  • that my husband is working away in UK and visiting us every 6 weeks;
  • that i am not working and i am not planning to work for a couple of years now;
  • that i am overweight and battling to lose the weight;
  • that i like pink because of my daughter;
  • that i enjoy baking and cooking – i actually finding it relaxing;
  • that i no longer smoke 1 pack of cigarettes a day – still have a smoke every now and then but not the same;
  • that if i drink a glass of beer i feel really tipsy;
  • that my hair is no longer blond – i use to dye it now it is the natural colour brown;
  • that i am blogging; and in a different language too;
  • that i trust my friends online more than my family or my lifelong friends for emotional support;
  • that i am not the person i was hoping i will be when i was 23 years old but i am still a happy mummy despite the downs from my life.

Things are not like i imagined and there are certainly things that i could improve about my life. I am hoping that soon i will be able to do so.

I am hoping that soon my depression will go away as i am sure this will make my family a lot happier.

For now i am living my days one day at the time , hoping that tomorrow will be better and enjoying the time i spend with my girls.



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