2013 – A retrospective

Last year I was writing me about my wishes for 2013.

Now looking back…do I analyse what I achieve and what I didn’t achieve?

Although I found the post and linked it up above I am finding it really hard to read it because I know that at least one thing didn’t change.

Although it’s been a year since I gave birth to my second daughter Baby A – I am still way more overweight than I should be.

The clothes that I used to wear before I got pregnant are still too small and although I’ve been trying in my own ways to change I didn’t.

I even started a massage therapy that helped and fix little bits but when I go on the scales….I feel like I want to RUN…RUN…RUN…to be at least how i was when i met my husband.

You see I was never skinny but then I could still fit in normal size clothes. Now I have to ask for “big size” clothes when I go in a shop or try and find the “Plus size” clothes category when i shop online.

Needless to say I hate shopping in real shops because of the way people look at me.

I wish I could make the scales somehow to stop at 10 stones mark….

But I can’t…so for now…until I am losing weight slowly I need to be happy with the way I am.

What do you do to be happy with the way you are?

I tried telling myself I am beautiful every morning when i look in the mirror but then…the fact that i can see my slooby hands as well the thought goes away straight away…

I tried to put some makeup on my face too thinking that it will help me be think better about myself.

But then…because I do make up so rare I decide that I look ridiculous!

So a wet wipe goes all over my face…and there goes the make up too!


I just had a look at my wishes for 2013 and in retrospective I did achieve some of my wishes:

  • In my opinion I did become more relaxed. I don’t feel like my head will explode all the time. I have moments and days when the things that used to stressed me out before don’t stress me anymore. I guess the fact that I am now a stay at home mum helps a lot. The pressure from work is gone.
  • I do eat a lot healthier and most things I make from scratch: even things like pizza and curry. And i do use a lot less sugar in my cooking and baking.
  • I do take time for myself although this is at home – a lady comes once a week and give me a massage.
  • I did take the leap of faith and if you read this blog carefully you know where we are now. I can’t deny it is not hard. But most things in life are.
  • I did find what makes me happy – being at home with my kids and see them grow and develop makes me smile so much. Blogging makes me happy too. The friends I made online are some of my closest friends.

Of course there are still things I need to work at but that is the way life is.
We make mistakes, we learn and move on.
How was your 2013?

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