Christmas Paper Wreath

Crepe Paper Christmas Wreath

I am starting to love crafting more and more. And oh how much i used to hate it when i was a child. My mum or dad would make most my school crafting projects…how silly i was. Crafting makes me feel relaxed and if i am relaxed i am feeling better. And if i feel better it means that i am acting better with my kids and the rest of the people that surround me.So while I was out and about with Baby A i picked up some crepe paper – gold and silver. I think both colours are quite nice for the winter and Christmas season.

Gold & Silver Christmas Wreath #Craft

It is only a little wreath but perfect to hang anywhere you might like it. I one hang it for now on the wall light. I am planning to decorate that entire wall so hopefully the wreath will not be left on its own.Materials:

  • 1 piece of card big enough to cut a circle inside of it to form a ring;
  • silver & gold crepe paper;
  • thin twine
  • two sides sticky tape
  • scissors
  • gold string or gift string or anything you have at home;

How to do it?

  • Start by cutting the card in a round circle; i didn’t managed mine very round but it was good though;
  • Cut long pieces of gold crepe paper and roll around the round circle and stick it to it with two sides sticky tape(the good about the sticky take is the fact that you can’t see it after you take off the white bit); I left the roll folded and just cut from its end so as you can imagine i had quite a long piece;
  • Roll the paper as much as you want really; i had to go around the circle 3 times as i wanted it a bot thicker; i think next time i will use either a thicker card or just roll normal white paper so i don’t waste the crepe one;
  • When you finish rolling the paper you need to start making the “flowers”;
  • I used the method used by the blogger on The sweetest occasion although i end up cutting them at the ends so they look different;
  • Stick the “flowers” gold and silver to the circle using double sticky tape; i only added 5 but i think it would’ve look even better with more;
  •  Using the gold string tide the wreath to make so that you can hang it off.

Gold & Silver Christmas Wreath

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