Four Of The Best Marzipan Treats

Christmas is definitely marzipan’s time of year. Although the sweet almondy treat gets used year round in various cakes it always sees a huge resurgence in the festive month of December. Obviously it always works for a Christmas cake, and marzipan fruits are also a classic Christmas sweet, but there’s so much more you can do with Renshaw marzipan.
To give you some creative ideas here are four of the best marzipan treats you can rustle up this Christmas.

  • Chocolate Marzipan Log. Alongside the Christmas cake and traditional brandy-soaked Christmas pudding, a yule log is a staple of every cake maker’s Christmas recipe list. Normally you’d have a layer of whipped cream in the centre, but try giving it a delicious almond twist by using marzipan instead. Because marzipan is so easy to work with you won’t find it difficult to roll it into the log. Perfect for after Christmas dinner.
  • Mulled Wine Fruit Bundt Cake. What says Christmas more than a hot mug of mulled wine? The aroma of the mingling spices floating on the steam that swirls up from the cup is the scent of Christmas. And of course it tastes amazing too. This fruit bundt cake gets a liberal soaking in a tasty mulled wine mix full of orange, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The marzipan holly leaves on top are the ideal accompaniment to the spicy cake.

  • Christmas Chocolate Marzipan Bites. If you fancy some chocolaty nibbles with the delightful sweet almond taste of marzipan then why not make some Christmas Chocolate Marzipan Bites. All you need to do is take some marzipan, roll it into balls and then dip them in some melted chocolate. So simple and tasty, and you can get the whole family involved. To add a festive twist simply coat with some red, green and white sprinkles. Allow them to cool then let the feasting begin.
  • Christmas Battenberg. Here’s a tasty Christmas take on a traditional marzipan cake. With the usual yellow and pink sponge swapped for festive red and green, this Battenberg will look amazing served up after dinner, especially with a little holly decoration made out of ready to roll icing. The multiple layers of marzipan mean that the taste of almonds is rich and intense. Lightly grilling the top layer adds some texture, and also a delicious toasted flavour that releases the aroma locked in the marzipan.
Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Renshaw Baking.

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