Hamster Buggy Bags Review

 Travelling with a child is never easy. Until now whenever i was going out with my youngest i would put her in the big pram/pushchair as she was still a baby.

However time has come to start using our pushchair now. My leg is better too which means that i can go out with both girls more. With a pushchair it is easier to get out and about as they are a lot easier to fold and pack around.

A bit problem i have though is the fact that i still need to carry things with me when out and about: water, snacks, nappies, wet wipes, a change of clothes, an extra toy.

You might say that this is nothing that an extra bag or backpack can’t fix…but…if you have kids you know as well as me that when your child comes out of the pushchair and you have bags on the handles something very bad happens….the pushchair is falling!

I bet that it happen to you! Well if you have kids that is.

I remember the first time it happen to me.

I was on the bus with my first daughter and she start crying. Like a good mother i picked her up because i didn’t want her to suffer and because the people start shaking their heads.

And then…as soon as she came into my arms she stop but in only a matter of seconds…it happened!

All my groceries were on the floor…the eggs broken…the oranges…. every single thing…can you imagine?

Not a good view.

It was pretty hard to get everything back and clean up after me too.

Anyway when i heard about the Hamster bags a great invention by a London mum –  – I was more than happy to try them on.

What are the Hamster bags really?

They are two long bags that you can strap on each side of the buggy.

 You can add your extra bits in there – nappies, snack,toys or you can even put your groceries in them.

 Anything you want as they are quite roomy.

On the plus they provide stability because the weight can be distributed equally on each side.

Well as long as you make sure that you put things in both bags.

The bags have inside packets and outside packets too and a shoulder strap from when you want to carry them away from the pushchair.

Watch the video below for more:

The video shows you a real situation on how a mum adds her bit into the bags.

Another thing i like about it is the fact that with the bags on the side it means that my eldest can’t push it around so fast either. You know the oldest kids love doing that with their siblings when the parents don’t watch. So they are both out of the danger.

The bags come now in three different shade of colours and they are just great!

I am recommending them to all the mums out there.

It is a great gift for a new mum i think too.

If you are like me and you like to go out a lot with your kids and you don’t drive either this is THE best invention for mums when out and about.

You can purchase the bags from their website for only £24.99. They are delivered free in UK but they also deliver all over the world,

If you are in Romania or US then the delivery will cost £7.50.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Hamster bags for free for the purpose of this review. No cash payment was received. All opinions are ours.

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