Tree Paper Garland

Homemade Christmas: Tree Paper Garland

Because of my eldest daughter Kara loves crafting we made one more craft last week – the Christmas tree garland.
  • Wark blue paper card – the harder and thicker the better;
  • White paper card;
  • Silver glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter;
  • 1 pencil;
  • A long piece of string – 1m – 1 1/2m depending how long you want to make it.
  • Double sticky tape.

Steps to follow:
  • Place the cookie cutter on the blue paper and draw around it with the pencil so that when you take the cookie of the paper you have a tree drawing. Repeat the process until you have a paper full of trees. Don’t put them to close to each other as you need to have space for cutting.
  • Take the scissors and start cutting the trees. Please make sure you cut outside the pencil line.
  • Out of the white paper cut long and thin streams of about 2 1/2 cm.
  • Stick the white paper on the top of the tree – you need to be able to put them on the straining after so the paper needs to be like a loop:
  •  Decorate the tree as per below:
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Add the paper trees on the string and then you can hang them as you wish.
Of course you can use any colour you have for this. I used blue because we didn’t have any green left but they still look pretty good don’t they?
Happy Christmas!
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