10 Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

It is that time of the year when Love is floating in the air and everybody prepares for Valentine’s Day! From the youngest to the eldest everybody knows what is Valentine’s Day and what happens then.

10 cute valentine's day crafts

We all want and try to show the people we fancy and love how much we care about them by buying them a Valentine’s Day card or a simple bouquet of flowers.

But as the recession is still going a better way to go around Valentine’s Day is to make your own gifts.   If you know where to buy crafting kits then the whole thing can be quite cheap.

So if your little ones know want to offer the person they fancy a little gift why don’t you try and craft one? I am not very good at this but I am lucky enough to have lots of fellow bloggers that do a great job.

Why don’t you take inspiration from the below crafts:

  • Needle Felt Hearts – if you have some wool sitting around and you are good with needles that this is the craft for you
  • Heart Crayons – Now if you have lots of waxy crayons siting around you can always transform them into something more meaningful. You can mix the colours like below or you can simply use one colour only. I think that plain red ones would just be adorable. If you know any silicon shapes around please let me know as I need to get some!
  • Valentine’s Day Hand Hearts – Sweet and easy and your kids can practice cutting in the process.   We tried this but unfortunately Kara has a long way to go to proper cutting.
  • Valentine’s Day Decorations – this is a craft that you could definitely make mostly by themselves. Cute and easy and I am sure your little ones will enjoy painting them. I am thinking to make them and use them for necklaces.
  • Wrapped Hearts – all you need to make these cute hearts is foil, ribbon, pipe cleaners and yarn:

Great easy crafts that don’t mean you must follow a master class in crafting! So go on try one of the crafts and let me know how it went.

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