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Barbie Hairtastic Colour and Design (Review)

When you have kids buying them toys can be quite an expensive business.

These days there are so many adverts on the channels with cartoons it is just impossible to say No to them. Just before Christmas there was a day when Kara said the words “Mummy I want this for Christmas. Can you add it on the list?” about 10 times in like one hour.

But I am one of those parents that didn’t have lots of toys when I was young and I like seeing myself happy.  And when help is given too then is even better.

Just before Christmas I was informed that I am one of the Toyologist for Toys R Us. I should better say my girls though as they are the ones playing with toys mostly.

I was and I am still over the moon. As a stay at home mum is quite hard to buy gifts for the girls and maintain a happy family.

One of the things Kara was saying she wanted for Christmas was Barbie Hairtastic Colour and Design – of course girls love Barbie and Kara is a very girly girl.

And guess what toy was sent to us first to review by Toys R Us?

Exactly…the Barbie Hairtastic Colour and Design!

We received the doll before Christmas and hubby and I decided to give it to Kara as a present on Christmas.

She was delighted as it was on her list and “Santa” really listened to her wishes.

The Barbie wasn’t the only present she received but it was the first toy she play with.

She enjoyed sitting the Barbie in her saloon chair and brushing and colouring her hair

Pressing the spray to take the colour out was a bit difficult for Kara as it was needed a lot of pressure.

But mummy and daddy were around for help so all was ok in the end.

She colour/wash, colour/wash Barbie’s hair about 6 or 7 times during Christmas day.

She even asked to apply some pink colour on her hair too. She was really proud that she is just like a Barbie.

As the days gone by though she got a little bored of the whole hairstyling and start using the Barbie doll to play other imaginative games like dressing up or playing around her little doll house.

Now the hairstyling stuff is in the box waiting for Barbie hair colour to be changed again which i am convinced it will happen pretty soon.

If you also think that your little girl will enjoy playing with this doll then you purchase it from Toys R Us for only £18.99 which is a good price compared to other shops.

But what do you get in for these money?

Everything in the first picture above:

Barbie doll

hair stand


 3 bottles of colour


 hair clips

 rubber bands.

Pros: My little girl loves the fact that she can change the colour of the Barbie doll hair and the whole experience of the hairstyling and saloon. The doll can also be used for other things rather than just styling too. Kara has quite a few other dresses that she can use on the Barbie. The play a little girl can have with the doll is endless. They just need imagination and it’s the sort of thing kids don’t ever run out of.

Cons: The spray can be a bit messy and you need quite a good technique to have the starts and lines  done on the Barbie hair. It took us a while to figure out what we need it to do and because of the distance that the spray needs to be hold there is quite a lot of spillage. Also it is quite hard to press on the spray for little hands.

What is missing? Some sort of little bag to have all the little bits put in it rather than keep the big box (this is what we have to do now).

Stars? 4 out of 5

Disclosure: We received the Barbie Hairtastic Colour and Design for the purpose of this review but all opinions and thoughts are our own.

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