Crafting with the kids: Valentine’s Day Cards

Now that Christmas is out of the way we need to start concentrating on the next holiday season: Valentine’s Day. My 4 year old although quite little she knows everything about it all.

Last year she even received a proper Valentine’s Day card  from one nursery friends. His name was Rio and Kara apparently loved playing the mummy and daddy game – which I am also hoping that was not more than that!

Anyway….out of the blue the other day she asked me when is Valentine’s Day. She probably heard something on TV I am thinking. And then she said she wants to do crafting and some cards for her Daddy, Grandma and Nucu to show them how much she loves them. She is soft like that and although crafting doesn’t last her long she did give it a good try this time.

We made 3 different types of cards:

 Fingerprint paint cards

Glittery heart

Crepe paper hearts


  • Thick card paper
  • Heart cookie cutters
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Gold Glitter
  • Crepe Paper
  • Red Paint


For all cards you need to choose the colour of the card paper you want first. We had orange, red and white so we made a combination with them. Place the cookie cuter and draw the heart with a pencil. Try not to press very hard though so that the line is very fine and just as a guide.For the fingerprint paint cards just let your child go wild with the paint. Although she needed to be reminded that she needs to stay inside of the lines as otherwise she will not create an actual heart her crafting skills were really good.

For the glittery card it couldn’t be easier. Cover the inside of the card with glue and then sprinkle glitter on top. Ta-DA!

 For the crepe paper cards we used white card as i thought that it will make the pink/purple crepe paper prettier.

Cut the crepe paper in small little pieces. Put glue inside the hearts and then let your child press the paper on top of the glue. You might need to remove or cut any extras so that it looks more like a heart but as it is just kids crafts they don’t have to be perfect. Your children will still be proud of their achievement.

Hope you’ve been inspired to make your own Valentine Cards with your kids. It couldn’t be easier or cheaper.

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