I love you

 I am so proud of you my darling Kara.

Day after day you are showing me how kind and loving you can be.

Day after day you are showing me how much you love your sister.

You are cheeky and funny.

I can’t believe your sense of humour is so developed at not only 5 years old.

You make your sister laugh out loud.

You make my heart smile.

You are so smart – you speak and think in both romanian and english.

You love crafting and colouring.And when the music starts you are not waiting long before your start moving and shaking your little legs in the rhythm of music.I am particularly proud about that.I was hoping you will be one that enjoys music and dancing.After all I listened to so much music when I was pregnant with you.You even enjoy listening to rock music which makes me laugh sometimes.You love dressing up with princess dresses and you are such a girly girl. I am hoping you will be the same when you grow up and unlike your mother you will pamper yourself lots.You are beautiful remember that.

Don’t let anything and anybody make you feel or think any differently.

I love you for the person you are and for the person you will be.

I can’t wait to discover you more and more!

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