I want to be a REAL princess

I said it many times on this blog already that my 4 year old is a very girly girl. This was proven to me even more over the holidays period, 

Because she knew she didn’t have to go to nursery every single morning started with the same question:

“Mummy mummy can I please please wear a dress today?” with her eyes still half closed.

And she didn’t give up until she got the wanted answer: “Yes!” 

I mean seriously. The only thing I wanted was to sleep and lounge in my pj’s. 

She was over the moon when the answer was YES and she would soon just run to the bedroom to choose a dress.

Some days she just wanted to wear a simple dress, day dress. Some days one her really special party dresses and she has quite a lot. 

But her favourite days were when she could wear one of her Disney Princesses dresses. 

Her favourite at the moment is the Belle dress.

And so one day she came to me and with a very serious voice she said:

“Mummy! I really really want to be…” looking down…like she was scared to continue.

“What sweetheart what would you like to be?” 

“I want to be a REAL princess mummy!”

“But you are mummy and daddy princess.”

“Not like this! I want to be a REAL princess and live in a castle! OK? ” 

I laughed and she became sad and looked down again. I had to fix it somehow so I said:

“Oh…I know sweetheart. Come and give mummy a huggle!”

I really didn’t know how else to answer.  

At the beginning it sounded funny but then when she got sad I got sad too a bit inside.

She wants to be a princess of course. I’m sure that all the girls want to be princesses but unfortunately the reality is a lot sadder.

Funny or sad she made me feel really proud of her. It proves that when she feels really strong about something she will always say it out loud no matter what.

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