Joules: Dress in beautiful colours

Just before Christmas my girls received some really nice dresses from Joules – beautiful flowery dresses that just put a smile on every little girl face:

Girls Long Sleeve Jersey Dress, Yellow Posy

Baby Girls 2 Pc Jersey Set, Blossom Pink

We gave them the dresses as a gift from Father Christmas and they spent the majority of it dressed up with them.


Although they received the dresses during the winter I am sure that they will wear them lots all way through the Spring. I actually think they do look like some really good Spring dresses and if you fancy some for your girls you should pop over and check them out. They are actually on sale at the moment and you can get some for even more than half price.

I can honestly say that I can’t find them any faults. Made out of cotton they are the perfect fit for any girls that loves flowers.

The junior dress that Kara is wearing is made out of 93%Cotton , 3%Elastane and it even has big pockets for all those little things that girls want to carry around.  She loved wearing the dress and felt like a “grownup” in it. At least that’s what she said.

Even better the 2 piece set that Anastasia was wearing is made out of 100%Cotton and I find it is very important for baby clothes to be only made out of cotton. As you see from the pictures she looked really good wearing them. The trousers are a bit big but that is not an actual problem.

Really beautiful and original, the range is not only for girls.

 Tom Joule, the creator of the Joules Brand has designed clothes for all the family: mummy, daddy, boys and girls and a Home range.

Now that I am on a diet and trying to lose weight I really want to fit in one of the dresses created by Tom. Here is what I have my eyes on at the moment:

Disclosure: As specified above Joules sent us the dresses for the girls. All opinions are my own.

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