Just be a WOMAN!

One of my goals this year is to try and take care of myself a lot more than I done it in 2013.

I want to go out with my friends more, to spend some more quality time with myself.

I want to lose weight and be slimmer through healthy dieting and exercise.

I want to buy more stuff for myself.

At the moment I only buy stuff when something is broken or too small.

Because I am not as happy as I should be with my body I tend to buy clothes for my girls and my husband. And surprise surprise their wardrobes are full of clothes and mine is just…BORING!

I want to take care more of my body and start putting some make up on. Or at least to start looking like a woman.

At the moment my style is…the Stay at Home Mummy one.

I don’t even go out to take my eldest to nursery school so I have days when PJ’s are just what I wear all day!

I want to stop being as depended on social media as I am right now.

I check my emails every half an hour, followed my checking my Facebook timeline and then Twitter.

I want to detox a little bit and sometimes even forget my phone at home on charge when I go out to the park with my girls.

I want to dedicate more of me to them too! Fully!

But to do that I need a makeover and a watch!Firstly I will need to make an appointment to the hairdresser and solve this forever ponytail that I have! I am thinking to go short again like in this picture below:



Or maybe just add lots of layers and thin it so that I don’t need to hold it up.


Then the clothes – still need to buy some but will have to figure out after my crash diet this month.


And then the watch which I am hoping it will come as a present from my husband.


So husband pay attention below!

These are the little things I am going to try and change in 2014.

In 2013 I didn’t buy myself any piece of jewellery or a piece of clothing that could make me feel more feminine.

I need to become more of a WOMAN in 2014!

Do you think I am taking the right path?

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