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I’ve been thinking a lot at the way I wear my clothes these last couple of weeks. I never got dressed after a trend or a fashion. Oh well maybe when I was in high school I was a bit more the rocky kind of style and I wanted to get dressed like that.Since I can remember I could never walk into a shop see something and know for sure that it will fit me. I always had to try it on and then try and try again until something fitted me.

As it happens I never walked out of a shop crazy in love of the outfit I bought…

Pretty pathetic isn’t it?

I was either too fat to fit in the clothes, or the skirt was too short and my varicose veins were on show or just simple the wrong shape for the clothes. Most of the clothes these days are made for women with no curves whatsoever. And the ones that are for curvy lades are found only in specialised shops or online. Is like people don’t want to recognise that women are not just slim.And because of that I never feel comfortable when I am out shopping and i try to avoid it as much as I can. Plus 60% of the time I am not comfortable wearing my own clothes.
Oh my teenagers years…I always felt so awkward. The only way i could feel a bit more human was by wearing a t-shirt, pair of jeans and a comfy pair of trainers.

As you know in my life I lived in two countries: the where I was born country Romania and my second home country England. Although I was born in quite a small city in Romania I spent my university years and my young adulthood in Romania’s capital Bucharest.

When I left my hometown and went to university, Bucharest felt like the best place to be. Nobody really knew me so I could wear anything I wanted without people commenting:

“Oh…did you see what she was wearing? I mean seriously1 That skirt was way too short for her fat legs!”

That was at the beginning.

When University finished and I had to start working I had to start to conform with the way people dress to go to work. Pointless to say that I had a nightmare with that. Jeans were no longer ok to wear every day. I had to wear office skirts and trousers and finding some that really suited me was really hard. I guess when you have a big bum it’s quite normal.

My Heaven world though happened when I came to London.

London is the city for nonconformist fashion.

The place wear you can wear ANYTHING and people could not care less.

I felt free and what was considered a BIG size in Romania in London you could find everywhere.

What can I say the first 3 years of my life in London were the best from this point of view.

I mean just think about Camden!

Isn’t it amazing that you can feel free from this point of view?

Things change a bit though when I became pregnant and my shape change once again.  But at least i had an excuse and could just visit the maternity shops without feeling embarrassed.

Even now fashion is not something I am particularly following and my most favourite clothes are still jeans and trainers. I mean I am a mum. If I go out with my girls I prefer to have comfortable shoes in my feet. So most days you will see me wearing jeans or leggings, a long t-shirt and trainers.

And yes you got it! I am not the YUMMY MUMMY type of mummy.

But I love the way I am although I am fighting to lose my extra weight so in the summer to be able to wear nice shorter dresses.

What is your style? Are you keeping up with the latest fashions or you are just like me?



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