Siblings January

Siblings – Indoor Playing

When Kara was little i used to take a lot of pictures with her. For some reasons or maybe because my hands are just a bit too full at the moment taking pictures with my girls happens less often.

This is why I decided to take the challenge initiated by Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy – Siblings – a family portrait project.

For more details do pop over her blog – her photography skills are way better than mine.

My girls love each other and love playing together. Anastasia follows her big sister Kara everywhere through the house – which is so cute. Sometimes Kara gets annoyed when Anastasia interferes with her play but soon enough Anastasia will give her a huggle and a kiss. That always makes Kara smile. And of course she starts playing with her little sister,

Look at them in the pictures! They must’ve spent about an hour playing with that sledge indoors. Anastasia was so amused by her sister initiative. And they giggled and giggled and move everywhere through the living room to my delight.

Such moments…will never comeback so we have to enjoy while they last.

dear beautiful

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