Life… It certainly isn’t easy. As soon as you feel like you know what you doing and you are comfortable with your decisions something happens and all is taking a new perspective.
I am the kind of person who like stability and change disturbs me out of my way. It makes me feel restless and conflicted. It makes me wonder constantly if the things I am doing are the right ones for me, my family and our future.I was born and lived until I finished high school in only one city. This is why I thought that after I will get married my life will be in only one city and country. It didn’t turn out to be like that.

As you already know my life  is a continuous change and as I said change is hard on me.

It is so hard to be an adult. It is hard taking decisions that affect other people lives. Our kids lives to be more exact.
If we had no kids then we wouldn’t mind so much the place we are.
But we have two wonderful daughters and we love them so much and want them to have the best future they can. And if we want to contribute to this future as much as we can. It is important to offer them the best place to be and the best opportunities by being in the right place.

Our family’s been separated for almost a year now – thousands of miles away of each other. It’s been good and it’s been bad all at the same time. But most off all we miss each other like crazy.

I have my girls and my girls have their mummy. But daddy is so far away and although we see him every couple of months it’s not enough.

Family means unity and love. We need to be together to be happy but money strains make it very hard.

Is it worth being comfortable but apart? Is it worth suffering? Being here means I get to spent every day with my girls and that it is wonderful and I am so grateful for it. But…for daddy means being away from his girls 9-10 months a year.

Is it worth scarifying a couple of years apart now for an uncertain better future together later?

I don’t know…

My eldest is definitely happier when daddy is around…

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