Playing with colours

Today while I was watching one of my favourite programs I decided that it was time to start and play around with one of the pictures that my husband took with me and Kara while he was here for Christmas.
I particularly love this picture because is not one of those in which we pose and smile.

I don’t particularly like the way I look and my thick eyebrows but I am hoping this will be a nice memory for my eldest.

So first  I chose the effects Black & White using Picmonkey..

Secondly I scrolled down to Daguerrotype and kept the “Brady” option and play around with the Fade slider:
I know you can’t see a very big difference between the ones in black and white isn’t it? Maybe because it is not nature is a bit more different so went back to Picmonkey and although I  stayed with Daguerrotype I move on Shiro and played with the Fade slider:
I like how warm it looks but thought it wasn’t enough so I looked for something else.
I applied Cinerama…but not as a letterbox…
Then the Dark Edges…
And Holga…
And then again Cinerama not as a letterbox…
I loved this one. I really just played around and will try ad play again maybe next time with a nature picture.

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