Siblings – February

The weather was not very good the last couple of weeks so the nursery was closed and Kara got to spent more time at home, play in the snow and with her sister. And I took a lot of pictures!

I think that I am actually getting better at this.

And so I gave them the box of Duplo….

Kara kept trying to build them up and Anastasia was pulling her buildings apart….

As you can imagine Kara was not overjoyed to have her little sister doing that but they were really cute playing with each other…parallel playing or not.

Anastasia is 14 months already and funnier by the day. She smiles and laughs a lot – giggles even like the baby on the Cow & Gate advert. I promise one day I will film her doing it. It will be a good memory. She is now running too. Through the house only though as she is not confident enough to do it outside.

Look at her cheeky little face:

She is a happy baby most of the time. I hope she will keep her happy self and her beautiful blue eyes forever.

I am a bit sad she is growing so fast though…She also started to mumble some words…She still doesn’t call me “mummy” all the time – only when she is really upset. The rest of the time she calls me ‘Tilia…LOL.

Her other words:

‘ara – Kara
diddy – daddy
dada – for my dad
mamma – for my mum

Kara on the other hand she is almost 5 by going on 15. She is such a girl. She loves to dress up and sparkling shoes and bags.

 Only yesterday we went shopping together at H&M and Accessories and you should’ve seen her walking around!

“Mummy, what do you think about this dress? Hm…It’s too pink! I need something…hm…maybe with more sparkles!”

Love my girls so much I feel my heart melting just looking at them.

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