Kara is 5

Two days ago it was Kara’s birthday. She is now 5. A child already and I can’t believe the time has gone so fast! I look at her and I still see her as a little baby. I remember her birth and how I feel like it was yesterday.

I am so proud of her. She is already a very kind and sweet little girl. She loves sharing with her sister and her friends and she already has quite a lot of friends although we’ve been in my home country less than a year.

For her 5th birthday we gave her two birthday parties – one at nursery with all her friends and one at home with the friends that are not at the same nursery and the family. I wish we could’ve invited her whole class but our home is far small for that.
She had fun but missed her friends from England too – Daniel and Frankie but we promised her that we will try to meet them soon.

The cake at nursery – from a cake shop in town:

The cake at home – my creation :)) with daddy’s contribution for creating Pascal and my mum’s flowers. Like last year the theme of the party was again Rapunzel:

Inside the cake was purple and pink with chocolate cream. Unfortunately i don’t have pictures to show you with that.

Pictures taken through the party:

Anastasia and her cousin Victor

We didn’t take as many pictures as we wanted but believe me the party was a blast! We all had lots of great fun especially my girls anther friends!

The cake pops recipe to come 🙂

Happy birthday Kara! I wis you a life full of happiness and joy and everything you wish for to come true! I love you more than words can say!

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