Miss Anna by Anna Lou of London Jewellery for Miss Kara

As you might already know from reading this blog it was my eldest girl Kara birthday a couple of weeks ago. She turned 5 and she is more of a little lady than ever. She received lots of presents from family and friends but one of the most precious presents was the jewellery from Anna Lou of London. Hearing that it was Kara’s birthday and because she loves this blog Anna sent my daughter a fee things – two necklaces and a pair of rings and as you will see from the pictures the predominant colour is PINK.
She is very particular when it comes to what she is wearing and everybody knows it. She loves pink in all its shades from light to purple although the mid dark pink is what she really prefers.

She got some beautiful star pink earrings covered with crystals…

….a really cute pink bow necklace which of course has the bow covered with crystals…

….and of course a letter K necklace pink and covered by crystals again…

Beautiful and as they are really good quality I am hoping that she will keep dear for a long time coming. Especially the letter K…I wonder if she will still be as in love with pink when she will be a teenager. I guess time will tell.

All the pieces I’ve been telling you about are part of the new Anna Lou range Miss Anna a very beautiful range dedicated to the young girls so do pop over and see the whole range as it’s worth it. I am planning to get Anastasia a necklace with the letter A when she will be a bit older.

Thank you Anna for this beautiful gift. Kara is wearing her bow necklace every day and only on special days she wears her earrings. They are a tiny bit too big for a 5 year old now and at the playground it can be tough wearing them.

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