Siblings – March 2014

March 2014 – Kara is turning 5 on 18th of march and Anastasia is already 15 months old. Two big girls already and we cannot refer too Kara as a toddler or to Anastasia as a baby. I now have a child and a toddler and they both keep my hands full most of the time. The only moments when I can sit down and relax are when they have a nap or in the evening after they go to sleep. I rarely go out too but I don’t mind it because I love spending time with my girls.
Time passes so fast I am scared that one morning I will wake up and they will be all grown up with kids of their own. So for now I enjoy every single moment.
If it’s not a nursery day then we never hurry in the morning. I let the girls play together in their pi’s for as long as they want. We get washed and changed after 10 AM most days but that’s what makes life even more beautiful.

Kara is so grown up right now. Our conversations are so much more complex and the questions she asks really make me think before I answer.  She is a proper young lady and wow she is tall too – 110 cm! When did she grow up so fast? I love the fact that she knows what she wants always and she is very strong minded. That can be hard for me sometimes but in future it will really help her. Her Romanian is very good right now and she impressed everybody on how quickly she catch it on.

Anastasia is cheeky and very playful. She still follows her sister everywhere and imitates everything Kara does too. They play hide and seek and with the Lego and even with mummy’s iPad. She actually started to do puzzles on the iPad too! Easy ones like the ones with animals but she is good at it. Not to say that she knows how to unlock both iPad and Iphone and to press on the remote control until the Baby TV comes on – and then she is happy. I am also very impressed that she understand english and Romanian at the same time. I can switch from one language to the other and she will still know what I say. We are really wondering how she will speak – both languages or just english at the beginning. Who knows…I really need to read a bit more about this.
She also loves music and dancing and when she hears a song that she likes she starts moving. When we listen to music we have most of the fun these days.

Now the pictures are not the best because my lens is broken and I am working only with the Manual Mode and as you might know is quite hard to catch the kids in a no moving position. I hope you like them though and that they show how much my girls love playing with each other. I am waiting to receive my new 50mm lens soon though so next month I am hoping to have some more pics for you.

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