Still here

I know I’ve been AWOL for most of last week and I apologize. Both girls were(are) pretty Ill so had quite a few nights with very little sleep. Fever ,coughing, crying and worry were the things that kept me awake through the night.

Plus right now I am a bit ill too – the normal cold that happens every spring. Hate being ill. The weather is really bad too..raining and cold so we spent most of our days indoors.

It’s been crazy but things are starting to look a lot better and hopefully we will be able go out this weekend too. Tomorrow is the Romanian Mothers Day so I’m hoping it will be a nice day full of fun and cake.

I have to mention that I’m still on the diet although it really slow down right now…It might be the fact that last week I had two days when I ate cake. At least I didn’t put any extra weight on.

Despite their illness my girls still make me the happiest ever through their laughs and joy. And they love each other so much. This year it will be my 2nd year as a mother if two and I couldn’t be happier.

On the 18th Is Kara’s birthday. She is turning5 years old and she looks like such a beautiful young lady’s. She is so smart and funny she makes me feel so proud!

And although her sister is still little I can see her growing up to be exactly like Kara.

But that is enough for now. Hopefully next week things will be better and the sun will shine so that my mental health can improve too.

Have a great weekend!

PS: So sorry for not running the #FridayFoodie either but I’m rethinking it at the moment so please stand by.

Also don’t forget to check out Twitter and Team Honk website for the hashtag #lastingchange. I’ll be tweeting from the account tomorrow evening,

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