A reflection?

We love having an actual garden and the fact that the girls can enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the house it is wonderful.

And of course while they play I merely take pictures as memories are important.

A bit tired of me snapping away above my 5 year old is telling me off – she looks a bit like I look when I tell them off. Cheeky girl!

Not even looking at me – because she didn’t want her pictures taken – she goes on and on about how I should just play with her in the garden soil. She says her sister is a bit too young to play like she wants.

Funny and a bit shaming this picture as I see my reflection and it makes me revise the way I act when telling them off.

Linking up today with Actually Mummy Expressions linky. She has a selfie for you.

Expressions - Actually Mummy...

And with the SatCap hosted this week over at Keynko blog.

Happy Easter!

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