lilac flowers

A walk in the sun

Although it rained a lot before Easter over here Easter and Boxing Day were really sunny days so I took the opportunity and went out for walks around the town with my girls and even my parents. Both girls loved running around and it was a pleasure to see our town filled with flowers too – some in the trees and some put by the local government in the green spaces too.

Oh and we have new benches too but still need to take a picture with those -brand new and lots so now everybody has a place to sit.

I am really trying to become better at this photography thing and take as many picture as I can using my DLSR on manual mode. Is more difficult because I need to adjust the settings all the time especially on a sunny day but slowly but surely I am becoming more accustomed with it.

I think the white flowers are from an apple tree. Really need to learn more ablaut plants and trees and their flowers.

Just some green but I love the colour of it.

I must admit I don’t know the name of any of the flowers below:

Kara admiring the flowers….
A pop up market in the centre of the town…

And of course coming back in my garden we noticed that the lilac has bloom even more. The smell is just amazing!

And the dandelion that keeps making little flowers…

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