Saying goodbye is the hardest thing….

It’s almost a week since you left again.

As soon as I get used to you being here and with me you have to go.

Although I know this is something that we need to do…I still feel inconsolably sad when you go.

The moments when I miss you the most is when the girls need me both at the same time and when they go to sleep. Then I find myself alone, in the living room…usually keeping my dear laptop in my arms. Some days we talk some days we don’t.

Although is not that late yet and our eldest is still not in bed thinking of how alone I will feel makes me share a tear.

I can only share a tear when nobody sees me….i don’t want the girls to see me that I am sad. I need to be strong and happy for them.

Kara misses you the most…and sometimes she cries. She never cries the day you go though. She always cries a couple days later when she realises that you will not be back for a while longer.

She cried yesterday…three days after you left. I fell apart and tried as much as I could not to cry too. I feel so sad when I see how much she misses you.

Little cheeky misses you too and for three days in a row she still called for you in the mornings to go and pick her up from her cot.

This morning she called me…” ‘Tilia…” funny how she calls me by my name and she calls you “dada” and “daddy”.

Even the fact that she didn’t call for you made me realise that you are not here anymore. Not here to let me lay in while you go and pick your youngest in your arms and bring her to our bed.

We miss you for the coffee you make for mummy in the morning…

We miss you for the constant hugs and kisses…

We miss you for the jokes and laughs…

We miss you because you always play with us…

We miss you because when you are here we are all HAPPY!

We miss you DADDY!

Now and forever!

We hate saying goodbye to you for a second, minute or weeks.

Oh and thank you for the present you made us before you left! We spend lots of time in our little/big house 🙂

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